Monday, March 31, 2008

Best Carpet Cleaner, EVER!!!

I had some spots on my carpet thanks to the "contractor from the hot, fiery place".

I remembered some advice from our friend ROB who had worked at Home Depot. In his Carpet Training, they told them to use WINDEX to remove spots. He said he and Betsy use it, and it works great.

I thought, WOW... did the Home Depot guys discover that watching MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING?

So... I got out the trusty, blue WINDEX.. and WALLAH! SPOTS WERE GONE!

One day, in my ever so graceful ways, I dropped a pint... hear me, PINT... size container of this soy sauce based glaze from China King. It created a HUGGGGEEEEE spot on my relatively NEW carpet... about the size of a... well... I don't know... it was everywhere!

While chuckling at my poise and elegance, my hubby, with his loving and encouraging man confidence, said, "Honey, You will never get that out of the carpet."

Not to be deterred... I pulled out the Windex...(I like the Windex with Vinegar...but you can use ANY kind... even off brands.) and started spraying and blotting, spraying and blotting... much as my impatience would allow... then periodically throughout the next couple of days... repeated the process.

Within a few days, there we NO TRACES left of that Soy Sauce Glaze! GONE! POOF! To be seen NO MORE!

I was so excited that it worked... even MORE elated to be able to say those words I rarely get to say to hubby (because 95% of the time he IS right...) "SEE.. .I was RIGHT! I did get it out of the carpet."

So, in the words of Gus Portokalos and Rob King: "PUT SOME WINDEX ON IT!"


Debbie Seenarine Wilson said...

You go girl!!
I learned that trick from my son playing football. I no longer buy spray and wash or any spot cleaner because of Windex.
The Cleveland Browns use it on their uniforms and I tried it...Wow...
takes anything out.

Steve said...

Uhhhhh!!!! 95%? Isn't that a little low. I've heard you say, "Honey, you're always right." Wouldn't that be 100%?

Or did you say, "Honey, you think you're always right."

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing! wonder if it gets out old spots? haha tell steve its okay to be wrong yall! april

Mary Beth said...

April: YES, it does get out old spots. It may take a little more time and patience, but try it... you'll like it!!!

Debbie: THANKS for the laundry tip. I am not a multi-tasker so I LOVE things that can do that for me. THAT is one of the reasons why I married Steve!
(I love you, my wonderful, multi-tasking, right 95%of the time[I am NOT changing my statistics] man!)

Tami said...

Mary Beth,
I LOVE windex. I use it on everything - it's the only cleaner I use actually. I didn't know, though, to try it on carpet or clothes (not that I ever really try to remove spots from our clothes anyway - but it's still good to know!)

redheadrev said...

Crazy and good to know!

Debbie Seenarine Wilson said...

Oh yes, a discussion about laundry.
I am a little bit of a laundry nut case and enjoy sorting only socks, only white underware, then a load of pinks, followed by a load or two of blues and so on.
You must read my blog on Women in Ministry. I would love to hear your thoughts and please forward to anyone you wish.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel good to win one??? I never challenge your Dad because I always lose.

You taught your mom a thing or two, only now I just put a rug over the spots.

Did you get out the varnish spots? If you did that is one fantastic cleaner!


Digging for Pearls said...

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Please pass this on to your friends as well.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of MY Big Greek WEdding, what was it that worked for EVERYTHING? :o) Cool tip!!! How did your speaking engagements go? I'd love to hear about it!!!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait to tell Michelle!!!

We get spots on almost everything around the house...



Sandie said...

PS does Windex work on age spots too? :>) You’re probably asking “what are those” well, you will know eventually.

If you’re out of windex: ammonia, vinegar and water mixture, 1/3 each also works for great results.

I had one of the kids spill grape juice all over a light colored couch just before company was coming and was able to get grape juice stains out with that. I believe that’s what windex is made of anyway and costs less.

There. Hows that for a penny pincher lesson? I never thought to use it for clothing and carpet stains! Thanks for the tip.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I am seriously going to try this. We have this one area in our home that we can not get spots out of. I have lots of area carpets which hide dirt well, but this one area is ick. I have tried everything. I wonder what it is about Windex. Thanks for the really hot tip here.

becominggreek said...

I will have to let you know if they really use it in Greece.... Say hey to Steve for me. We had a blast with you at the wedding!!

elizabeth embracing life said...

I tried this over the weekend and it worked wonders. I had vomit from over a year ago right outside my sons bedroom door. I had tried many different rememdies without any success. The stains are GONE!! I also had tea on my staircase that refused to go away, and you guessed it, gone too. Along with various spots here and there. Oh and purple paint spots that have looked like blueberry spots since last summer. Can you tell I am really excited about this. Oh and the day I was spot cleaing I spilled salso on my white bright shirt...yep it whiped crystal white in seconds...need I go on sister?!!!

Susanne said...

I had no idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this...

Found you from the Married to the Ministry blog roll...taking time to visit everyone over the next several days. My husband and I are church planters in SC.

Saw Perry Noble on your blog roll...we have that in common! ;-)

So nice to "meet" you...have a great day!!