Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today my dad, KEN MARTIN turns 75.

He is NOT your typical 'old man'. FAR from it.

  • He is the life of the party.

Really he is!

  • Mr. Fix it for Mr. Broke it.

  • Mr. RIGHT for his wifey. (52 of being Mr. Right!)

The best Grandpa around.

  • came to my rescue and drove me 18 hours home when I wouldn't fly back to Arkansas after a major airplane crash in Detroit
  • The best Son-in-law (in his eyes :) to my Gram.
  • Who can forget when he caught the bear in his garage... and was on the news... and in the paper!

And the BEST dad anyone could ever have!

I can't tell you how many times in my life he has bailed me out
  • been patient with me when I wrecked his cars
  • fixed things at my house ( I especially appreciate his sweet skills for blocking all entryways for little critters to get inside)
  • as a kid would turn on the stereo, grab my hand, and dance with me
  • worked so hard every single day to provide for his family
  • never blinks and eye to drive hours and hours to see his kids... or mostly his GRANDKIDS!

  • can call my 'BRAT' and get away with it!
  • is a great dog sitter
  • can talk to anyone... for a long time... (ha! I love you daddy! Guess who gets that from you? your GRANDDAUGHTER!)
  • took care of his mother after his dad died
  • faithful to the LORD and to his church
  • stood by me throughout my life (I wish I had a wedding picture scanned of him walking me down aisle on my wedding day

  • always blesses his kids..."hey dad... I need a scanner... :-)

  • has the BEST Life Group at his church
  • GIVES and GIVES and GIVES... many times anonymously
  • LOVES and LOVES and LOVES!

I love you dad. There are not enough words to say how BLESSED I a
m that the LORD choose me to be your daughter.

Have a wonderful day. You SO deserve it.
Enjoy your meatloaf and scalloped potatoes....