Sunday, February 22, 2009

"A Blog by Steve" Revisited

In honor of my man's birthday today, I decided to repost this blog from 2007. If you did not have the privilege of reading it then, you are in for a laugh.


October 2007

Mary Beth showed me a blog the other day asking the question, "Who Wears the Pants in the Relationship?"

OF COURSE, in my marriage I have always worn the pants... (right honey??).

This was reinforced this last week.

My wife and I were folding laundry... getting me ready for my upcoming trip. As she was hanging my pants on the hangers she suddenly exclaimed... "HEY, these are my pants. I have been looking for these."

An immediate feeling of dread and humiliation overwhelmed me as I informed my lovely, gracious wife.... "I WORE those pants this week!"

Brianna and Mary Beth, in an ever so loving and sympathetic way, BURST into uncontrollable laughter, rolling to and fro on the bed...throwing out these thought provoking questions...

"Didn't they fit differently?
YES...I am wearing MY khaki pants!
"Weren't they too short?" ( wife's inseam is longer than mine!)

"How could you NOT know, Mr. Fashion Man?"

With much chagrin and embarrassment, I replied...."Well, I did wonder why my wallet didn't fit into those little back pockets....

AND I didn't remember having any Khaki pants with a HOOK instead of a BUTTON!...

and it did feel like I needed to pull them up
OVER my stomach instead of sit BELOW

Of course, it came on the heels of watching an episode of Season 3 of The Office which included this scene...

"Michael: Pam, would you please tell Darryl that this is not a woman’s suit.
Pam: O my, that’s a woman’s suit!
Michael: There were these huge bins of clothes. And everybody was rifling through them, like crazy. And I grabbed one. And it fit. So I don’t think that this is totally just a woman’s suit.
Pam: It has shoulder pads!

Who makes it?
Michael: Um, MISSterious. And it is mysterious, because the buttons are on the wrong side. That’s the mystery. And I did wonder why there were NO BACK POCKETS!"

So, now you know. I wear the pants in our relationship.... but they are MY WIFE'S!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the laugh! It was a nice study break.

kim said...

don't know amanda, but i agree with her...very nice study break.

you know, you should really consider forewarning your "potentially in a coffee shop, enjoying free wifi, with other people around to hear you laugh out loud" readers before you share something like that. just trust me:)

Fay said...

Steve, 50 years ago an AG minister would not have
that problem. All "in fashion" christian AG women wore skirts. Personally, I am thrilled that we have moved ahead.

Great blog!! A good sense of humor will get you through most things.

Kara said...

Thanks for sharing that because I cracked up for way too long about this one! Really, I could not stop laughing!

Love you guys!

stacy said...

That is sooooo funny! What a great guy that can admit to wearing his wife's pants and write about it. What a great sermon....

Dawn said...

Ohhh, silly silly! We all knew Pastor Steve has ALWAYS worn the pants in the family (just not Mary Beth's). Too cute.

Salena said...

I love the new blog. Kara was telling me in church this morning so I had to read it. So funny!!!

Mary Beth said...

If this story wasn't so funny, I would be very disheartened and MORTIFIED because you fit into my pants!

I love you. Can I have my pants back now????

AnneMarie said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! I am speechless! :)

Thank you for the laughter and the tear that was shed cause I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Way too funny! Brian and I couldn't get the image out of our heads. Glad to hear you watch the office too.

Anonymous said...

You guys are certainly "two peas in a pod." I've got to show Casey this one. Steve, you'll never hear the end of it, you know.
"Cousin" Tammy

Anonymous said...

Marg just called me at work, said I HAD TO read your blog! Thanks for the laugh!
SORRY.....this is just too good to keep to ourselves, we just HAVE TO share it with Jim & Darwin!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey --

That explains the pants you were wearing that day. But why how is it you smelled like Marty Beth's perfume and not Old Spice?

Jon Eric said...

Steve that was too funny!
Nice job on your picks this week.
The cable arrives tomorrow so I can do the hard drive transfer now.

Krystal Harrison said...

Fabulously funny blog! I appreciate The Office irony as well. it's one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud, so I brought the DVDs with me to Greece, for whenever I need some therapeutic laughter. Which is often. :)

Jody said...

Thanks for the laugh!
I see the makings for a skit here!

Anonymous said...

That was as funny as the time we saw your pants go up in flames in Canada. Glad those weren't Mary Beth's. I can't fit into Kelly's they are way too short.

Anonymous said...

That is a great one, Steve. I can understand about your wife's pants being longer than yours. I have that issue (long legged woman). Thanks for the story.
David Walthall

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! We are laughing so hard in Berlin. I just wish we could've seen you in those pants. Haha! Steve - you are still my hero though. :-) Kirk & Amy

Curt said...

I so admire your honesty, Steve. To admit you wore your wife's clothing to the district office is admirable, indeed, and way too funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve,
Youre a nut! I absolutely cracked up at that one! Luv yall!
april alexander