Monday, December 10, 2007


Every year since I have been a baby...ahem...43...yes, count 'em...43 years, my mom has made her infamous Santa Claus Cookies.

She made them for every one of my brother's and my element
ary school Christmas parties. She made them for family, neighbors, friends, the kids of the guy who worked on my dad's cars, co-workers of both she and my dad....and more!

She continued the tradition with my kids. They HAD to t
ake Santa cookies to their classes every year.

Mom was in the grocery store not long ago and a 20 something man with
a young family came up and said, "I don't know if you remember me...(she did)....but I just wondered ... do you still make Santa cookies? I would love to have one and give one to my kids." This is a regular occurrence for her.

When Steve and I were engaged and I first met his younger brother Chris, it
was at Christmas. So, of course, I wanted to win the love of my 12 year old brother to I took him Santas that year and many years after. Well...last year, Brianna asked him what he wanted for Christmas and his 35 year old response ... "SANTA COOKIES!" So he got a whole bag of them.

Chris was never very giving when it
came to sharing his goodies with his brothers...I wonder if he shared Santas with his 4 and 5 year old kids???

Mom sent a container full back to college with Weston. He
said he would have to hide them or this suitemates would eat them all and he wouldn't get any. I think he gets the Cookie Hoarding from his Uncle Chris!

Betsy, Steve's assistant, was the pastor's daughter of the church my parents have attended their whole life. The first Christmas she was working for Steve she said, "I LOVED your Mom's Santa cookies. I couldn't wait to get them every year. If you have an extra do you think I could have one?" So...reliving her childhood, Betsy once again gets some every Christmas.

Mom has taught many to make them...or should I say...many have ATTEMPTED to learn to make them...and we all do OK...but no one does it like MOM! I do believe Brianna will come close to having Gram's expertise. I try...and try...and try...every I year I try harder. I am holding down my minuscule skill sets until Brianna can take over.

Thousands of cookies during my lifetime.
Thanks, MOM...for 43 years of tradition, investing, and LOVE that spoke...and still speaks... volumes...

...or should I say dozens!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I received this link for $5 magazine subscriptions.

It is a great deal if you want to send a subscription as a gift or get one for yourself.

You can choose from Good Housekeeping, O Magazine, House Beautiful, RedBook, Popular Mechanics, Smart Money, and more.

Check it out today because I don't know how long this deal will last.

Happy Shopping!

UPDATE: This offer is no longer available. I will keep you posted on other great offers.