Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Class Anniversary

Yesterday marked Steve and my 23rd Anniversary. How did we celebrate? I'm glad you asked!

We had spent the week in St. Pete's Beach, Florida where Steve was a presenter at a Church Planters' School. Brianna and I were blessed to accompany him. The girls enjoyed the week in the HOT Sun and HUMID Air by swimming, walking on the beach, sitting by the pool while viewing the Ocean. And I didn't have to cook ALL WEEK! WOO HOO!!! Steve was able to join us when his schedule allowed.

On our anniversary, we were flying high...on the plane home! The plane was full and two of us were going to be upgraded to First Class. So, my wonderful, chivalrous, husband kissed me and said, "Happy Anniversary, Honey."

And he proceeded to the back of the plane to row 35...

...and settled in the window a couple with a baby in the other two seats.

Brianna and I had first class food, first class space, first class foot rests,

and first class conversation with this couple,

John and Noelle.

They were returning from their HONEYMOON and were also bumped up to first class. She was reading the BEST BOOK EVER on marriage, LOVE AND RESPECT. Of course, I had to comment on that and we struck up a conversation.

As we chatted, I learned that Noelle had grown up into her early 20's GOD background. 18 months earlier she and John decided to check out the Free Methodist church Noelle's family had started attending...and where they committed their lives to the LORD. Now, John and Noelle are serving the LORD and starting their marriage out with the GOD factor. They prayed that at their wedding all of those who didn't know Jesus would feel the presence of GOD and they believed that was accomplished. This couple has many friends who don't know the LORD and are looking to John and Noelle and their new venture in marriage to see how this Christian thing works.

We talked about how AWESOME it is that they are forming a new heritage and legacy for their children and grandchildren...changing the course of their family future. Who knows, their son could be the next Billy Graham, their daughter, the missionary who brings the gospel to the last unreached people group...a family of believers who reach their friends and neighbors for JESUS.

I was so energized talking to them. Their excitement and love for God and one another was contagious. What a testimony of God's love and grace for us.

Relaxing in my spacious seat, I reflected on our 23 years of marriage. As we are entering the mid-years of marriage...the excitement and love I saw in John and Noelle caused me to think about how blessed I am to have married a man who loves the LORD with all of his heart, soul, and mind, who has given his life for the ministry of the gospel, shares his faith regularly, loves our kids, loves me unconditionally...even when a little HRT is needed...and always prefers me before himself...

A FIRST CLASS husband.

Thanks, Sweetheart, for 23 years of commitment, love, faithfulness, and fun...and first class.

Anticipating 23+ more!

John & Noelle, we pray God's blessings on your life together. You will have to keep us updated how GOD is using you, your marriage and your future children to share HIS message of hope.

by the way...a BIG THANK you to our friends Jon & Lori for buying our anniversary lunch on the way to the airport...

AND...we are hoping to get away later in the year to celebrate our marital bliss!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

DIVINE script

I was just thinking about my Holiness Replacement Therapy post...

The LORD reminded me of a time in my life when I was battling fear. My pastor's wife and mentor, Lisa Clay, prayed with me that FEAR would be replaced with FAITH.

Since then, I have made it a practice that when I ask the LORD to remove something from my life that He REPLACE it with something Holy.

It is Biblical...He gives us...

Beauty for Ashes

the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness

Joy for Mourning

Faith for Fear, unbelief, and so much more

Peace for Worry

New Garments for Filthy Rags
(read this beautiful word picture written by Crystal Burkhart)

Grace, Mercy, & Forgiveness for Sin

and the reformation goes on and on...

What HRT has GOD been perfecting in your life?