Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Just a synopsis of WASSUUPP in my life the last few weeks ... AND how HE will take care of WASSUUPP in your life... if you allow him to.

March 30 - Turned 44 years young! My son called me like 6 times. It made my day. Spent the day in HOLT at our new church plant's grand opening in their new building. They ROCK! I am looking forward to May 2-3 when I am with them at their FIRST Ladies Retreat! Then had dessert with my mom and dad and gram... and Steve and Brie of course.

April 1 - Spent the morning at Auburn Hills Christian Center speaking to their MOM 2 MOM group. I love the ladies there! The group has Personality PLUS! Laurie Shaffer, you are a great leader... you organized woman, you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their pastor's wives! THANKS for letting me be a part.

April 2 - Met my new blog friend and author, Karen Hossink at a MOPS Group when I went to hear her speak. How FUN! Check out her blog and book.

April 5th - MOM'S BIRTHDAY!



April 4 & 5th
- Had the privilege at attending a ladies conference at Bedford Christian Community Church and leading a breakout session on Saturday afternoon . The weekend was SOOO for me... The WORD of the LORD spoken through Becky and Chris challenged me... encouraged me... I found more friends whom I love. Lori, Rachel, Aleda, Judy... spending time with the pastor's wife and her mom, Carol. WENDY ELARTON (ch
eck out her blog) whom I have known since she has been a little girl... and I believe she is one of the SWEETEST PEOPLE I have ever met in my LIFE!

Well... Here is what I shared in my session.
.. I shared how GOD had been leading me out of the PIT from the previous four years... of depression and sickness. HOW I had not had an "ATTACK" physically in almost 2 years. I shared what the LORD had spoken to me and the steps he took me through to become victorious...

THEN on SUNDAY APRIL 6th...the day AFTER I declared those things... I got blindsided with sickness. The pain started... the nausea came... no full blown "ATTACK" though. ( you don't want me to describe what that entails... believe me!)

I tried to be careful in my eating throughout the week. On Thursday Steve had to run to the office at 7 pm for a 30 minute thing so Brie and I went with him. While there.... the ATTACK happened. OH THE PAIN... oh the PAIN... did I mention PAIN???

ANYWAY for 2 hours I was lying on the bathroom floor at the office... between bouts of vomiting and ... ok... I will not go into details... but after two hours I saw a window of opportunity. I ran out... said LET'S GO... I think I can make the 30 minute trip home... Got home.... spent more time in the "little girls' sick room'... then crashed in bed. Continued to have pain and nausea for the next week or so.

This week, I am feeling better. FINALLY.

During this time, I thought, THAT IS JUST LIKE THE ENEMY... I stand in FAITH AND TESTIMONY and then I get SLAMMED with this for the FIRST TIME IN 2 YEARS!

While lying on the floor... I was pleading... "I DON"T WANT TO GO BACK DOWN THIS ROAD, LORD JESUS! I don't want this sickness to plague me again. No doctors could do anything about it. I believe you have healed me." THEN I started quoting scriptures over my body that he had given me...


Am I over spiritualizing this physical issue in my body? ...Well... I am sure we could argue that point all day. Yes... sickness and disease, etc. are a part of life... But I am not giving the enemy a foothold... WHY TAKE THE CHANCE by UNDERESTIMATING things!

I am STANDING on the WORD OF THE LORD... ... trying to do my best to watch what I put into my body... and TRUSTING HIM for total healing... and believing in GOD'S POWER to deliver... to heal.

Ephesians 6: 10 - 13 & 18 says this - "Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against ... the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God...that... you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand." verse 18: "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests."

If you have been standing in FAITH for an area of your life... your body... your spouse... son ...daughter... parent... extended family member... your friend... that coworker who tries your faith like non-other... that addiction that keeps following you... hurt, depression, anger,illness ... WHATEVER your battle...

Don't be weary
in your fight.

Put on GOD'S armor ( Paul did say that TWICE within 3 verses!!!)... stand
(he said STAND 3 TIMES!) Stand strong... stand firm... ... recognize your enemy... Pray in the spirit with ALL KINDS OF PRAYERS AND REQUESTS ... and after you have done EVERYTHING you know to do... KEEP STANDING!




Thanks for all your emails and prayers for Nicole's family... Allen, Skylar...

Within a day after Nicole's death and friend emailed me about a gal who lives not far from her named Corey who delivered a baby on the same day, I believe as Nicole.

Corey had major complications in child birth as well... She had to have 60 units of blood... had two strokes and is in a coma. They do not expect her to live. If she does, they say she will be severely mentally impaired.

The baby, her THIRD child, a little girl, is also in NICU and has already had heart surgery.

PLEASE lift COREY up in prayer. She is a believer. Her husband's name is Scott. He does not know the LORD as his Savior. Please pray GOD will reveal himself to Scott and heal Corey and the baby.

Thank you for praying for this family... for this Mommy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Heart Torn in Two

How can a heart be so full of joy and grieving at the same time?

Last Wednesday, two little girls were born into this world. My friend, Amy, delivered Hannah Grace. I am so excited for Amy and her husband. They are church planters in Minnesota. She was Weston's 6th grade teacher... and she was his favorite teacher. ( my favorite teacher of his as well.)

CONGRATULATIONS, AMY and Tim! We love you and can't wait to hold Hannah Grace.

Also, last Wednesday, Skylar Nicole was born. In the birthing process, her mother, Nicole had some complications and went home to be with Jesus.

Today, Nicole's funeral is taking place at Freedom Christian Assembly of God, the church we attended before we went to help with my brother-in-law's church plant in Royal Oak.

Nicole was only 24 years old. Sklyar, her first baby.

Skylar is healthy and beautiful. I know she will grow up knowing how wonderful her mother was. All who loved and knew Nicole will see to that.

Though I did not personally have a relationship with Nicole, many of my younger friends were close to her. However, I feel very connected to her and her family as I almost lost my life giving birth to Weston. My family didn't know if I was going to live or not. I lived. Nicole did not.

It is a mystery to me, why things happen the way they do. Why one so young dies and another lives.

Tragedy and Celebration. Both a part of this thing we live called life.

I rejoice with Amy and I grieve with Allen and Skylar. It is a very strange, awkward feeling. Tears of joy... and tears of grief... all at the same time.

This is a time of complete, blind TRUST in the ONE who created us. A time we have to look to HIM and say, "LORD, your ways are higher than our ways. Though I don't understand, I will still trust YOU, love YOU, and serve YOU."

Please pray today and in the days to come for Nicole's husband, Allen, her mom and dad, and the rest of the family.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Windex Testimonials

My new Bloggy sister over at Elizabeth Embracing Life left me this comment:

"I tried this [ Windex, the Best Carpet Cleaner Ever ] over the weekend and it worked wonders. I had vomit from over a year ago right outside my sons bedroom door. I had tried many different remedies without any success. The stains are GONE!!

I also had tea on my staircase that refused to go away, and you guessed it, gone too. Along with various spots here and there. Oh and purple paint spots that have looked like blueberry spots since last summer.

Can you tell I am really excited about this!!

Oh and the day I was spot cleaning I spilled salsa on my white bright shirt...yep it whipped crystal white in seconds...need I go on sister?!!!"

My friend Sandie asked if it would take away AGE SPOTS! I am leaving that experiment up to her! I will report if she looks younger... or just cleaner and more sparkling!

Sandie also left this recipe for a mixture if you’re out of windex: Equal parts of ammonia, vinegar and water.

She continues: "I believe that’s what Windex is made of anyway and costs less. I had one of the kids spill grape juice all over a light colored couch just before company was coming and was able to get grape juice stains out with that! Didn't know it worked for carpet and clothing, too!"

Please feel free to leave me any of your cleaning tips. I need all the help I can get!

Happy Spring Cleaning!