Tuesday, August 21, 2007

50TH ANNIVERSARY - A Tribute to Mom & Dad

On August 10th, my parents, Ken and Fay Martin, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

THEN....(1957 going on honeymoon)

NOW...(2007 wishing they were going on a 2nd Honeymoon!)

To celebrate, we had a reception on August 5th.
About 150 people attended.

My parents deserved every compliment, blessing and accolade they received and more.

(yes, that is my mom's wedding dress on the wall.)

Friends from Florida, Washington D.C., Illinois, & Missouri...

...and family from Alabama and Missouri came all the way just to celebrate the day with Mom and Dad.

And how many couples are honored to have one of THEIR parents celebrate their 50th Anniversary with them. My grandma, my mom's mom, was there with bells on!

We had a great time of fellowship, food, and reminiscing.

Our friend and former Pastor's wife, Audrey Clay performed a surprise "fun" renewing of vows.

A little excerpt..."I Ken, take you Fay...for better or worse...Just don't forget your PURSE!"

"I Fay, take you Ken...In sickness and in health...Just leave me all your WEALTH."

And my dad was ever so eager to get to the KISS THE BRIDE...and gave us a good show on that one!

Those who were there that were in their wedding party 50 years ago, all came and stood with them again...

When they married, my mom was 18 and my dad was 22. They immediately moved to Germany where my dad was stationed in the Army. They were there 2 years...and for those 2 years lived in a one room apartment and slept on a TWIN BED!

When Weston heard this, he replied, "I don't even feel I have enough room sleeping alone on a double bed!" He was impressed.

Mom and Dad traveled all over Europe when they were there, enjoying their early years of marriage.

After returning to the states they had
my brother, Ken, and me...enjoyed being parents...put in an in ground pool when we were young so everyone would hang at our house...and they did.

They never missed a sporting event (which between my brother and me over 15 or so years...there were hundreds...baseball, football, track, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, )...

and never missed a incredibly boring band or orchestra concert, or a play I was in or playing for or any other activity we were involved in.

ON TOP OF THAT and both of them working 40 hours a week, plus my mom made cakes on the side...WE NEVER MISSED CHURCH on Sunday morning, Sunday night, or Wednesday night. THAT was always the first priority and the MOST IMPORTANT!

They instilled in us a LOVE for the LORD, loyalty and faithfulness to GOD, to ONE ANOTHER, and to the HOUSE OF THE LORD.

They have never hesitated to loan my brother or myself a car when needed...even when I scraped the side of Dad's immaculate vehicle on the mailbox...or was hit in the school parking lot while driving their van (THAT TIME it was not my fault by the way)...

When Steve and I went to pastor in Mt. Pleasant...a church of about 10 people... and were living on faith until our church grew and was established...they were there in more ways than I can begin to list...from vacations in Florida in their time share to driving 2.5 hours on a Sunday morning to watch one of the kids because they were sick, and I was the only one to play the piano at church.

They LOVE being grandparents and loving and supporting their Grandkids...

they would drive 2 hours for a one hour grandparents day program or an hour 1/2 soccer game...

...or for 12 hours for Grandpa to embarrass Natasha on Graduation Day...for one of Alicia's band concerts, or just to visit Ken's family in Missouri and checkout Natasha's new boutique..

I could go on and on...and that doesn't even include how they have blessed other members of the family...
Cousins - Alicia ( my niece), Weston, and Jordan, (my aunt Darlene's son)

...and everything they have done as a part of their church, Bethany Assembly of God.


Steve, Brianna, Weston, Me, Dad, Mom, Ken, Alicia, Phyllis
(missing: Natasha, Ken & Phyllis' oldest)

Mom & Dad, CONGRATULATIONS on 50 wonderful years. I love you.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of you today and wondering where you were and what you were up to. Now I know Busy summer huh? I love the heritage our Godly parents have left us. Blessed we are.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Mary Beth.

Love, Darlene

Anonymous said...

That's Awesome! Keep the heritage alive.

If you and Steve are ever in the Columbus, please give us a call...would love to connect.


AnneMarie said...

You have such amazing parents!

Anonymous said...

How nice!! I loved looking at all of the pictures. I really enjoyed the one of you as a kid!

Love you, Karen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an inspiring tribute to your wonderful parents!


Julie C said...

Mary Beth,

Great tribute to not only your parents, but to God and the sacred vows they've taken. I loved seeing the pictures and wish I could've been there to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. You're parents marriage as well as Mamo & Papo's show that the longevity of their time together comes as a blessing from the Lord.

I only hope that the children and grandchildren in this family can lay claim to 50 years of marriage.

Love you all


redheadrev said...

That really was a great legacy. What a sweet couple!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fifty Years! And your parents don't look much older than 45. Hang on to those good genes, Mary Beth.

Tammy A.

Nlimberakis said...

Hey Mary Beth,
I wish I could have been there with everyone, Love and miss you all, Nikki

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Beth,
It was great seeing all those pictures. The picture of you and Ken (He will always be Eddie to me)
is how I remember you two. Tell your Parents Terry and Pansy Nolen said Happy 50th. (Their 50th is next year).
Angie (Nolen) Heator

Leah said...

This was so much fun! I loved all the pictures and great story of their legacy. Thanks so much for sharing all the particulars! Congratulations to your parents and props to them for raising such a great daughter! :-)

Vanessa said...

It is always an inspiration when there are celebrations like 50 years of marriage! Congratulations to your parents!

Sarah Krage said...

Mary Beth!

Thanks so much for inviting me to see this TRIBUTE! I think I'd love to be adopted! You'd make a great sister, and I'm really enjoying this whole "aunt role!";o)

Your mom and dad are incredible examples of love, sacrifice and generosity. It is really true, that it is more blessed to GIVE than to RECEIVE - the returns are overwhelming! What a joy to be able to celebrate all your parents have given and for them to be able to see the return on investing in your life, and the lives of so many others!

Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom and Dad, Mary Beth! Wish so much we could have been there. They have been such a blessing in the lives of the Poe family (Noble, Myrtle, Van, Fay, Patty and Pam) for SO many years, and continue to be!
We love you all very much,