Sunday, September 2, 2007

"SALSA Anyone???"

So... thanks to the mass 3 of you who emailed for this recipe! :-D

I take no claim to fame at being a domestic diva...except I DO make yummy salsa!


* 4 C. finely chopped tomatoes

* 1 C. finely chopped onion

* 1 green Bell pepper finely chopped (around 1 cup)

Place ch
opped veges in a LARGE saucepan

Combine the following ingredients in food processor or blender

* 4 – 8 Fresh Jalapenos ( ok… I use 35… count ‘em… 35 for Steve’s Salsa. It is fire hot! You just have to taste it and go by trial and error for your likes.)

* 4 cloves of Garlic

* 1 sm. Can Tomato Paste

* ½ C sugar

* 1 C. White vinegar

* ¼ t. Alum

* ½ t. Cumin

* ½ t. pepper

* 1 TB. Salt

Process until smooth.

Combine with chopped veges in large sauce pan. Bring to a boil and reduce heat.

Simmer for 45 minutes.

Pour into HOT sterilized jars. ( pint jars) leaving ½ inch head space.

Seal. And process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

Makes appx. 3 pints.



**You can double recipe. One time I tripled it but it easily scorched.

**JalapeƱo hints… I do not de seed them because it takes away the HEAT

IF You deseed them wear gloves. I have had two friends rub their faces while deseeding and their faces get red and on fire. If this happens, bathe face and hands in milk.

** If you have never canned before, be sure to use new seal lids and read the directions.


and a few other fun things and TIPS FOR SALSA MAKING!

When we pastored in Mt. Pleasant, our dear friend, LINDA POHL, would give us some of her homemade salsa every year for Christmas. OF COURSE, with my husbands strong LOVE and DESIRE for HOT THINGS (including ME!) 12 jars didn't last very long. So he asked if I could learn how to can Salsa. I had only done freezer things and never had to CAN.
SO LINDA so PATIENTLY and graciously walked me through the process.

Last summer, at the end of August Steve was gone for about 10 days, so Brianna and I decided to go and spend time with my mom and dad. I figured it was a GREAT time to make my Salsa...especially because Mom had such a great kitchen to work in. (SHE is a domestic diva!)
There were a couple of GREAT things about that decision.

#1: My grandma's niece had a garden full of we went and picked out tomatoes, some jalapenos, and green used some Mom and Dad picked up at the Farmer's Market.

#2: Mom, Grandma (MO) and my Aunt Darlene AND Brianna all helped me...And they are all VERY GIFTED in the kitchen.

#3. I found the 2nd Best Time Saver EVER! (what is the 1st? Mom, Mo, Darlene, and Brianna!) The VIDALIA CHOP WIZARD. I saw it in Real Simple listed as a great product. It chops the vegetables so quickly and perfectly. No watery onions or peppers. And even the ripe tomatoes chopped into little perfect squares without being mushed! It usually takes me a day and half JUST to chop all my vegetables. We did all the onions and peppers in 45 MINUTES!!!!!! NOW... my mom, father- in- love, sister-in-love, aunt...have one. Whoever tries it loves it. You can get it at Walgreens, CVS for $20... or with a $5 coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond... it's just $15.

When you take the jars out of the water after their water bath...and set them on the counter... and you hear the lids start popping.... LINDA taught me to say "PRAISE THE LORD" every time you hear that wonderful little noise, because you KNOW it is sealed and processed correctly.

SOOOO...I said "praise the LORD" 99 TIMES! I would have said it 100 times but my parents and I ate a jar full when it was warm...right after cooking. It was SOOOO yummy. THAT is why I didn't make any for me this year. Still have some left. Made Steve's mom and dad 40 jars.

I do this for my hubby...and make his SOOOO lips and tongue burn and my lips swell up...when I taste his. He can just pour it down. I believe his lips, tongue and gut are made of iron. I use 30-35 jalapenos and pablanos for a recipe for him. I use 3-4 for MINE!

So...that is the extent of the Domestic Diva in me! If you come to my house for dinner...GUESS WHAT YOU ARE HAVING?????

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