Friday, April 11, 2008

Windex Testimonials

My new Bloggy sister over at Elizabeth Embracing Life left me this comment:

"I tried this [ Windex, the Best Carpet Cleaner Ever ] over the weekend and it worked wonders. I had vomit from over a year ago right outside my sons bedroom door. I had tried many different remedies without any success. The stains are GONE!!

I also had tea on my staircase that refused to go away, and you guessed it, gone too. Along with various spots here and there. Oh and purple paint spots that have looked like blueberry spots since last summer.

Can you tell I am really excited about this!!

Oh and the day I was spot cleaning I spilled salsa on my white bright shirt...yep it whipped crystal white in seconds...need I go on sister?!!!"

My friend Sandie asked if it would take away AGE SPOTS! I am leaving that experiment up to her! I will report if she looks younger... or just cleaner and more sparkling!

Sandie also left this recipe for a mixture if you’re out of windex: Equal parts of ammonia, vinegar and water.

She continues: "I believe that’s what Windex is made of anyway and costs less. I had one of the kids spill grape juice all over a light colored couch just before company was coming and was able to get grape juice stains out with that! Didn't know it worked for carpet and clothing, too!"

Please feel free to leave me any of your cleaning tips. I need all the help I can get!

Happy Spring Cleaning!


Netta said...

Thanks for such a practical solution!

(And...does regular cleaning in the springtime count as "spring cleaning?") HA! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am trying it on my hot glue spots on the carpet that have been there for 4 years. Looks like it is working, but will need another treatment. Will let you know.


Anonymous said...

This is one I will definitely be trying!!

Tammy A - Baldwin

Irritable Mother said...

OK! OK! I am going to try this cleaning trick. I have beige carpet through the whole house (not my idea - it was down when we bought the house!) and, needless to say, there are a few spots that could use a miracle cure.

Anonymous said...

ok...perhaps you're making me a believer :o)

Tami said...

Your so right! I don't know if I posted this already on your other windex post - but I got black mud on my work pants - light khaki work pants - and I washed them - and it did not come out. Not even close.
I sprayed them with windex - and - wa - la - a set stain of black mud - clean as could be!
Yeah windex!

Sharon said...

I watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the other day on TV. They use windex for almost everything. Your post reminded me of that. :0) Thanks for sharing those tips!

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Kel said...

this totally works!! I had a gross red stain on my carpet and with a little windex it came out!!! (it was unable to help me with the rather large mark the iron left on my carpet though...opps)