Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Does the following ever happen to anyone else?

I decide I am going to go outside of my gifts and abilities and fix a good meal for my husband.
The Man in your life sits down to the labor intensive meal.
I am so proud that I actually COOKED a DECENT meal.
I place the food on the table...and I can see the look in his eyes...


If I fix...spaghetti with homemade sauce ... barbecue chicken ... mexican ... burgers and homemade fries, (let's see...what else do I know how to fix????) ...or something "out of the ordinary" for me Parmesan Chicken ... or Hawaiian Chicken ... HE HAD IT FOR LUNCH!

Periodically, when I think of it, I will call him BEFORE I delve into the cookbook to find out what he had over the noon hour to avert any repeat delicacies.

The other day I did this very thing.

ME: "Hey Babe...just wondering what you had for lunch?"

HIM: "A granola bar."

ME: "OH MAN ... that's what I was gonna fix for dinner!"

He laughed. I laughed. A bonding time for us.

For wonderful recipes to help you with this dilemma... visit my friend, NETTA'S blog.
SHE ROCKS with inspiration in the kitchen.


Steve said...

And the whole world should're granola bars at dinner are always better than the ones I have for lunch! It must be the company in which I share them.


Deb Seenarine Wilson said...

I just need to ready your blogs everyday. You are just toooo funny girl!
When we are in MI ministering, we have to get together.

Netta said...

OH, you're sweet!
(my kids would love a "granola bar dinner!")

Kara Lyn said...

You are a great cook...You always had a yummy meal ready on Sunday's after church when I was in Mt. Pleasant! AND...looks like your hubby eats out for lunch too much!

Kelly Austin said...

To avoid this dilemma I have always fixed Dean's lunch,(almost 22 years now) - then I know what he's having except for the occasional lunches he has with the boss - but then again I've never had a problem with Dean eating any meal!

Anonymous said...

You continue to amaze me with your humor and your writing!! At our house you will remember, dad's meals could be the same everyday, eggs, toast, fried potatoes for breakfast. Hamburgers for every other meal!!!! I am thrilled that he is still alive and kicking. Must be all of the hot tea he drinks keeps the cholesterol flushed out.


LAURIE said...

that is so funny. It reminds me of my hubands early morning meetings that he often has as he meets with people. Somedays it has 2 or 3 diferent meetings, all over BREAKFAST. I never knew how he could eat breakfast 3 times in one morning. but he never lets on to anyone and each time just gets something light with coffee. I don't believe I would have the same willpower! -blessings, Laurie

Peggy said...

LOLOLOL. I'm still laughing...a laugh that will last the rest of the day!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Good blog!


Debbie said...

As far as cooking dinner for Steve ..... he eats so well for lunch I wouldn't even bother making him dinner ....HA.

Anonymous said...

Cute blog, Mary. Love the recipes at your friends site!!


Mary Beth said...

Kara Girl... SUNDAYS were about the only day it smelled good... becuase I fixed ROAST EVERY SUNDAY! LOL

But thanks for the encouragement! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that has happened to me- especially on Taco Tuesdays and Pizza Fridays :O) Cute post!

Marg said...

You short change yourself; you are a great cook! You're just like many of us that have so much going that it's hard to get to fixing a terrific dinner ever night. Darwin is just happy when it's HOT!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

If you make your special Spaghetti with homemade sauce and Steve already had it for lunch...just call me, I'll eat it anytime. It's the best!!

Love you...Dad

Irritable Mother said...

A granola bar for dinner! LOL
I make a menu each week and pretty much stick to it. So if Brain has for lunch the same thing I'm fixing for dinner, I don't feel too bad about it. He knows he could check the menu. *grin*

Laurie said...

LOL! My hubby's excuse is always that he ate a late lunch (which on Thursdays he always blames Pastor Cal for because "staff meeting ran late") Oh, how I know your frustration! Miracle of miracles today though, I made lasagna and my son took 3 helpings and my youngest took 2 and even my hubby who did eat a late lunch (but it was my fault today) took 2 servings! It's the first meal I've made in MONTHS that someone hasn't turned their nose up at!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Just yesterday I called David to see if he ate lunch at work, which typically means he is not up for a fancy dinner of sorts. I was feeling very kitchen savvy. He said he had already ate, but looking at the four other faces with mouths in this house I decided to make...dijon chicken, red sauce with saute'd onions, mushroom, and tomatoes, and steamed brocolli and carrots and pasta. A true feast. So every one is sitting at the table enjoying when David walks in the door from work.

He starts filling a place and wants to know where the pasta is. I said I only made just enough. Long story short, he gobbled up as much as anyone else.

And today I have a divine lunch from leftovers. I tell my husband that with the buffet at teh Hospital, how can I ever compete or compare. Hahahha.