Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My LAST blog about Salsa!!!! PROMISE!


When we pastored in Mt. Pleasant, our dear friend, LINDA POHL, would give us some of her homemade salsa every year for Christmas. OF COURSE, with my husband's strong love and desire for HOT THINGS, 12 jars didn't last very long. So he asked if I could learn how to can Salsa and make her awesome RECIPE. (did he REALLY understand what he was asking????)

SO LINDA so PATIENTLY and graciously walked me, the Domestically, Culinarily Challenged, through the process.

I learned ...When I make salsa for my hubby...I have to make it SOOOO HOT... my lips and tongue burn and my lips swell up... He can just pour it down. ... I use 30-35 jalapenos and pablanos per double recipe for him. I use 3-4 for normal people!

I believe he is made of iron from his tongue thru his entire digestive system.

Last summer, at the end of August Steve was gone for about 10 days, so Brianna and I decided to go and spend time with my mom and dad. I figured it was a GREAT time to make my Salsa...especially because Mom had such a great kitchen to work in.

There were a couple of GREAT things about that decision.

#1: My grandma's niece had a garden full of tomatoes...so we went and picked tomatoes, some jalapenos, and green peppers...plus Farmer's Market treasures. Linda taught me "grow your own or know someone who does!!"

#2: Mom, Grandma (MO), my Aunt Darlene and Brianna all helped me...And they are all VERY GIFTED in the kitchen... that offsets my "not very gifted in the kitchen" self.

#3. The Vidalia Chop Wizard - (blogged about it last week)
(This is the one thing I taught LINDA! She bought one last year and loves it!!)

LINDA TAUGHT ME that when you take the jars out of the water after their water bath...and set them on the counter... and you hear the lids start popping.... you say "PRAISE THE LORD"...because every time you hear that wonderful little noise, you KNOW it is sealed properly.

Believe me... popping lids are surely something to Praise GOD for... I have had to redo many jars because of one little speck of stuff on the lip of the jar. I can tell you from much experience, a pop-less jar is quite a depressing silence .

SOOOO...last year I said "praise the LORD" 99 TIMES! (I would have said it 100 times but my salsa making comrades and I ate a jar full when it was warm...right after cooking. It was SOOOO yummy. SO this year I made Steve's mom and dad 40 jars with veges from their little - 1.5 acre - garden.)

A "LINDA'S SALSA CHALLENGE" for the week...

When something goes right... say "Praise the LORD" in thanks and appreciation.

And when things aren't going your way... and you have to redo what you've worked so hard on... decide to Praise the LORD in faith for the great things that are going to happen and THANK HIM for the lessons learned in the prior attempt(s).

SO...that is enough of the domestic diva in me for today. If you come to my house for dinner...GUESS WHAT YOU ARE HAVING?????


Jen Thomas said...

I would love a dinner at your house with your homemade salsa! Maybe not quite as hot as Pastor Steve likes it though! God Bless!

april dawn said...

That is so right about saying Praise the lord! even the smallest things! I really did LOVE the salsa!!!!

Kara Lyn said...

I will take the Salsa Challenge...it's definitely something to think about! AND what are you talking about, challenged in the kitchen. You are an excellent cook. I never had a bad meal with you! So, whenever you want me to come over for dinner...I will be there ;)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

What wonderful salsa you have. I grow a garden but didn't can this year. I love your challenge. Will start tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! Love this :o)

Vanessa said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Love the fact that you call yourself the "domestic diva". I love reading your blog!

Irritable Mother said...

Wow - that's a lot of salsa!
I think my husband and yours would enjoy salsa and chips together. I only do "mild" and Brian would rather have the hot stuff!
As for Linda's Salsa Challenge? I'm in!

Netta said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog... always so encouraging!
(and someday I'm gunna make this yummy salsa of your's!)
Love you.

Sherry said...

There are so many great thing I could say about Linda that I don't know where to start. Every time you are with her your day just seems brighter, even when she is hurting she has a smile just for you. Many years ago, when my son Michael, was a teenage, he worked in the sound booth at church. Every Sunday, Linda would bring him a bag of candy. Last week when Michael, flew home to visit, his first question was "how are Linda & Larry?". Then he said, "I just love Linda, I should call her and tell her to bring me some candy to church." Knowing Linda, has truly made our lives richer.

Elaine Endres said...

I can vouch for Linda’s salsa. I have used her recipe several times when I had my garden in Michigan. I’m sad to say I had to leave some behind 2 years ago when we moved to Florida. My sister’s family enjoyed it!

Linda is a wonderful cook too!

Anonymous said...

I have never had anything that Linda made that wasn't delicious, and that includes her salsa. She is aa great homemaker and friend!!


Jessica said...

This is for Linda,

As a child who has moved far away from her mother, I know how difficult it can be for everyone involved. But, what I appreciate about my own Mom is the freedom that she's given to me to live my life and do what's best for the family that I've created. It is a real gift.

You are giving your children that gift, too, in allowing them--without guilt or constraint--to live their lives, to go where God would send them, to see new places in the world, to do what's best for their families. That makes you a GREAT mom in this season. So call, write, email, send gifts to your kids OFTEN...trust God that you have given them a good foundation...and trust Him, too, that He'll take care of them even when they're out of your care...


Jessica (Skwiers) Cochran

Anonymous said...


From Your Daughter

elizabeth embracing life said...

OH this is so challenging and encouraging. I am passionate about salsa. I eat it on everything and have been known to just drink it down, as does my youngest. I have to make my own. I am planning on growing my own tomatoes this next year, and you have not only inspired me, but if you can do it, I know I can.