Sunday, September 7, 2008

Salsa Recipe

So... thanks to the mass 3 of you who emailed for this recipe! :-D

I take no claim to fame at being a domestic diva...except I DO make yummy salsa, thanks to Linda!


* 4 C. finely chopped tomatoes

* 1 C. finely chopped onion

* 1 green Bell pepper finely chopped (around 1 cup)


Place chopped veges in a LARGE saucepan.

Combine the following ingredients in food processor or blender.

* 4 – 8 Fresh Jalapenos
( ok… I use 35… count ‘em… 35 for Steve’s Salsa. It is fire hot! You just
have to taste it and go by trial and error for your likes. If you like mild start
with 2 -4.)

* 4 cloves of Garlic

* 1 sm. Can Tomato Paste

* ½ C sugar

* 1 C. White vinegar

* ¼ t. Alum

* ½ t. Cumin

* ½ t. pepper

* 1 TB. Salt

Process until smooth.

Combine with chopped veges in large sauce pan.

Bring to a boil and reduce heat.

Simmer for 45 minutes.

Pour into HOT sterilized jars. ( pint jars) leaving ½ inch head space.

Seal. And process in boiling water bath for 15 minutes.

Makes appx. 3 pints.



**You can double recipe. One time I tripled it but it easily scorched.

**Jalapeno hints… I do not deseed them because it takes away the HEAT

IF You deseed them wear gloves. I have had two friends rub their faces while deseeding and their faces get red and on fire. If this happens,my allergist says bathe face and hands in milk. It really works.

** If you have never canned before, be sure to use new seal lids and read the directions.

I found the 2nd Best Time Saver EVER! (what is the 1st? my female family members!)


I saw it in Real Simple listed as a great product. It chops the vegetables so quickly and perfectly. No watery onions or peppers. And even the ripe tomatoes chopped into little perfect squares without being mushed!

It usually takes me a day or more JUST to chop all my vegetables. We did all the onions and peppers in 45 MINUTES!!!!!!

NOW... my mom, father- in- love, sister-in-love, aunt...all have one. Whoever tries it loves it. You can get it at Walgreens, CVS for $20... or with a $5 coupon at Bed, Bath, and Beyond... it's just $15.
Cheaper than a good food processor.

Let me know how it goes when you make it!


Tami said...

Oh I have that chop thingy and I LOVE it! I actually broke it the other day and tomorrow I am going to buy a new one! I will never chop onions any other way ever ever ever again!
Gonna have to check out that salsa recipe. Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, MB. I'll let you know how it goes!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try your salsa recipe. I may also have to get one of those handy choppers !! My hubby makes a mean salsa, so I'm curious if this one can beat his. We will have to have a taste off.


Anonymous said...

You know I always love recipes. Sorry I didn't request it. We are remodeling right now and I have no kitchen! Its been like a long camping trip allllllllll summer. I'm impressed with your domestication skills.


LAURIE said...

Mary Beth-
Thanks for stopping by my site earlier and I am glad that "encouraging daughters" encouraged you. I know what you mean about books for boys, but there are actually some really good books out now for purity and other types of issues for our girls.

I copied your recipe for the salsa. I collect cookbooks. In fact my husband just returned from teaching a Christian Education Seminar in Minnesota and what did he bring me? A COOKBOOK. I do collect them I did not say I USE them, but I collect them. (ha ha). (Guess while my sweetie was at the BIG mall of america he couldn't think of another single thing to get me....) lol.

I scrolled down and read your other post and I wanted to say that I am glad that you decided to keep blogging. I have checked your site over the summer and noticed that you were not blogging, you were missed!

-Blessings, Laurie

Kara Lyn said...

Thanks for the recipe! I remember coming to your house when I burned my hand on jalapeƱos when I helped Peggy make salsa...oh the fun times in Mt. Pleasant! I will have to make this one day! Can't wait to find that onion chopper...could've used that one tonight while I was making dinner :)

Anonymous said...

Never did I think I would see something related to cooking on your blog unless it was about how much you don't love it! Good recipe! I will have James try it and let you know what he thinks! :) Love ya! Sara

Anonymous said...

MaryBeth, I bought the chopper thing also, I like it a lot!!! I bought it last year when you tolds me about it.
Thanks for the compliments about the Salsa. I got the recipe from a cook book I have had for years.
It is called Texas-Style Summer Picante.I think this salsa recipe has gone all over the world now.
Michelle and Dave are home for a visit sorry it took so long to read your blog.Larry and I always enjoy them so very much, don't quit writing them!!! We have been on the go and ( I have been cooking a lot for Michelle and Dave. MIchelle calls it ( Mommy Food). Cooking all of her favorites.Dave's too of course.
Love Ya,