Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 86th Birthday, Grandma Curl!

This past weekend we celebrated my Gram's 86th birthday.

Her name is Curl... I call her "MO".

My Gram ROCKS!

*She still tries to walk 2 miles / day... when her knees say it's ok.

*She and her friend Audrey, who is 76, visit the "OLD PEOPLE" in the nursing home every Wednesday an
d lead a sing-a-long of hymns and songs of their generation.

(here's a picture of
Aud and Ruby... a friend in the nursing home.)

*Just last year my Gram took care of some “Old People” who were younger than she is, every weekend for a mon
th or two. She did this regularly until she was like… 84.

*She has always had the gift of hospitality. SO MANY have lived in her home (INCLUDING US when we moved back to Michigan) and became a part of their family over the years.

Here is a picture of Mo jumping rope with Brianna One month before her 81st birthday! Yes…she was jumping and taught Brianna how to double jump!
*When my Pop had dimentia, MO cared from him 24/7 until he went to be with Jesus two weeks before his 89th birthday and a few months before their 66th anniversary.

*Back in the 1940’s my Mo and Pop took their two young daughters, packed all they could in one suitcase, rode the bus from Alabama to Michigan, got OFF the bus with about $20 to their name… and started a new life in Michigan. They lived in the housing projects in their town… immediately were hired with full time jobs… One worked days… the other nights… so someone would always be home with the girls… and they still found time to have another little girl!

Here’s a picture of my Gram, my Aunt Darlene, Mom, Auntie Sue lives in Alabama and couldn’t be there… so we decided to superimpose her beautiful face!

Most importantly… she has loved and served JESUS and she and Pop were some of the first attendees to a new little church in Adrian called “Bethany Assembly of God"... and my GRAM is still a faithful member of that church.

*I remember Mo telling me that one Sunday the church had a goal of having 100 people… when the people were counted there were only 99…. So my Gram ran out and found a neighbor kid and brought him to church to make it 100!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of the kind of Gram I have.

*Mo… I love you. You are and have always been the kind of Grandma every one dreams of having.
*Your Cocoa Gravy and Biscuits ROCK. (if you are southern, you know what that is! IF not… your missing out.)
*Your cheesecake is the BEST!
*You’re heart is big.
*You are SO FUN…the life of the party... till Wheel of Fortune comes on... then it's all about the WHEEL! LOL
*YOU… are a blessing from the LORD in my life and in the life of my family… and I know all your kids, grandkids, greatgrands, and great-great grands... are shouting “AMEN!”

Here's a picture of the Grandkids celebrating with MO for her 79th birthday...
Eric was unable to be there...

...but here he is with Mo last Sunday on her birthday.

So, MO, Grandma, Mamo.. from all of us to you…

We Love You!

Thanks for loving us.

Thanks for being YOU!


Jon Eric said...

Happy Birthday Grandma. I hope you enjoyed your box of chocolate. Looking forward to celebrating your 87th next September. Hope to see you soon. - Eric

Anne said...

What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother, Mary Beth. She sounds like a wonderful lady.

Julie C said...

You are so thoughtful! I would never have thought to do such a special tribute, even if she is the most wonderful grandmother (and I swear, this isn't a biased opinion).

It's difficult for me to say exactly how I feel about mamo, she is one of the most wonderful, unselfish people I know. She has loved each of her children and her grandchildren (all the way to her great great grandchildren), what makes it so great that she doesn't love us in spite of our imperfections, she loves us because of them. She accepts who we are, no matter what. That makes her a very wonderful grandmother. I have been deeply blessed by the Lord to have had my grandparents (all of them) until I was an adult. I was 29 when I lost my first grandparent, what a terrible cut that was to my heart, however, I would not go back and change "not knowing." I've often said, as a child, you love your grandparent because they are your grandparent and you should. As an adult, you love them for who they truly are. Mamo, you are the BEST!
And Marybeth is right, your cocoa gravy and biscuits ROCK

Marybeth, you forgot to add that it was Mamo who taught us girls to do cartwheels!!!!!!
Luckily, I take that after her, I've been able to teach my grandchildren the same thing (and believe it or not, the splits too)

Happy Happy Birthday Mamo,

Anonymous said...

I Love you, Mo!!!

Steve said...

Grandma MO has treated me like a son. Living with Mo and Pop has been one of the highlights of my marriage into the family.

And the cheesecake!!!!! Oh my MO!

Happy Birthday MO. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday grandma. Sorry I couldn't make it to the celebration. I hope the day was enjoyable for you. Love you and hopefully see you soon.

-Jordan D.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mom,

Mary Beth said in her blog what is in all of our hearts.

Love you so much!!


Anonymous said...

Mary Beth, I often check your blog through Sister Clay's. I really enjoyed reading about your Mo. She and your Pop had a special place in my life. Lot's of fond memories of good times with your Aunt Dar at her house in our younger days. I just become a Grandma this past Tues. and now I've heard another option for a Grandma name. Mo or Mamo.SMILE
Love seeing the pictures.
Donna Young Merritt

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You are a beautiful lady and an inspiration to lots of your Bethany church family!
Marg Hukill

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Grandma, Mary Beth. Please tell her happy birthday for me. What an awesome legacy she has passed on with all of her children, grandchildren and g-grandchildren. How very blessed she must feel, and how very blessed all of you are! I'm so glad we got to be a part of your family and continue to be!
Love you all,
Fay Slaybaugh

elizabeth embracing life said...

What an amazing accounting of such an even more amazing woman. Happy Birthdays passed along please.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Grandma Mo but I'm sure I will like her when I do get to meet her.

And *YES*... Chocolate / Cocoa gravy with Biscuits on a Saturday morning while watching Bugs bunny was THE BEST!!!

Love to you all!!!


Krystal said...

I love hearing about true life people like this! How amazing it must be to have her as your GRANDMA!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Mo. love you and looking forward to seeing you at thanksgiving.


Faith Hope Love Mama said...

What a cute post about your cute grandma. Love it!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What an amazing lady!! I love that MO can double dutch..:)))

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute! I feel so blessed because I live so close and can stop in and be blessed by her friendship, her laughter, and her good coffee. We have lots of fun!
Sis Clay

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mo!
You are such an inspiration! You have withstood the many challenges in your life with grace, always showing unconditional love for your family and friends. You have an amazing sense of humor with the priceless ability to laugh at yourself. Your work ethic astounds me as does the fact that you never seem to age. You always seem so young--I suppose it's because you are young at heart. If I can be half the woman that you are, I will do myself proud. I'm looking forward to celbrating your 87th!!!
Much love,