Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My WESTON is 20 years old today!!!!

(ok...I got a little carried away with the pictures and words...but you only turn 20 one time!)

My Dearest Son,

20 years ago today I experienced an instantaneous, overwhelming feeling of love like never before... holding you, my first born.

You were a dream come true. An answer to prayer. A beautiful baby... weighing in at 9 lbs. 12 oz. with lots of hair.

You and I both had to fight for our lives that day. I know I have held that over your head at times trying to bribe you with..."I almost died giving birth to you" ... but I would do it all over again if I had to.

You did push ups with in the first two hours of
your life. Your dad and a deacon from our church witnessed it... and then you did it again!

I would take you shopping and would literally have strangers stop me and tell me, "That is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen." ...and their babies would be right there with them.

You were always strong and determined. When you were 5 months old you decided to crawl. You would crawl to the fireplace hearth, pull yourself up, and try to walk. You did it over and over and over...and you succeeded to walk at 7 1/2 months old. The elderly ladies at our church commentated in their southern drawls, "Honey, he's going to be bow-legged walking so early."

I thought, "What can I do? Tie him to a chair?"

You have had that determination throughout your life... with things you wanted to do... as well as things you didn't!

At 2, you h
it the ball with the bat when it was pitched to you.

Your love for golf started before 2 years old. When you were 4 years old you decided you wanted to golf like daddy. So
you took your plastic golf club and ball, we stuck a tee into an upside down Styrofoam bowl and you practiced for hours until you could hit that ball. You drove it 125 yards at 4 years old at the par 3 golf course...out driving many of the lady golfers that day.

You started banging on the piano before you were 1.

At age 4 you started piano lessons and it was discovered you have a God-given ear for music.

You asked Jesus in your heart
on March 10,
1991, at 3 years old. I remember it vividly. You said, Mommy, I need to go up to the altar and ask Jesus in my heart. We went up and prayed together. Then at 5, Dad had the privilege of baptizing you in water. I remember you couldn't touch the bottom of the tank. Dad held you up and when you went under water, your feet flew up at the other end. There is no greater parenting joy then this!

You always stood out in a crowd. Getting chosen on your first Disney world trip to be the "guest host" at the character breakfast and sang, "M-I-C - see ya real soon...K-E-Y - Why? Because we like you." M-O-U-S-E."

In first grade you were chosen to sing the solo in the program.

In sixth grade to have the lead in the musical...Both times the teacher asked me to please talk you into performing because you had the best voice and pitch in the class.

Even though it wasn't you first choice to be 'up front' you did it...and you did it extremely well...putting your heart and soul into each performance... then saying after it was over...
"I am never doing that again!"

At 8, soccer became your passion. You tried out for travel soccer for the U11 team and made it!

At 10 you started playing the drums... at 11, the guitar...and practiced and practiced to play those rhythm patterns and hard chords. AND, the guitar, you discovered was your true gift and passion from the Lord.

(here you are with your very first guitar with your cousin, Jordan.
I was reading in your baby book that at age 2 you loved to 'play your guitar and sing, "Are you ready for some football!")

When we moved before your 10th grade year, you approached your new school with courage. You prayed and knew this was God's plan for our family.

In 11th grade, you felt the LORD prompting you to give up soccer to dedicate your time to playing your guitar for youth group. We were very proud of you for making that choice.

We are so thankful that during high school you didn't fall into the traps many teenagers fall into. Your favorite place to be was church and with your friends from church. And then, you gave up Sundays in the church you love to play for The Oaks church plant in Royal Oak from their first service until you left for North Central.

We have seen many hairstyles!

(I am sure this Razorback shaved in your head was Dad's favorite!)

And you were handsome with all of them.

You are a great big brother.

Always willing to play with Brianna even though she was 7 years younger.

You have been a source of great joy for us...bringing laughter and fun into our home.

And you were Always our dare devil!

We watched you graduate. Go off to college.

You are using your gifts and abilities in Minneapolis. Preparing to go for your dreams.

NOW... here you are
. No longer a teenager, but a young man! I can't believe how time has gone by. I am a bit sad, today, though, that we are not there to celebrate with you. This growing up, letting go thing is not easy for a mom!

Weston, we are so very proud of you. We love you with all of our hearts. We are so thankful that you love the LORD with all your heart. That you are courageously taking on new adventures and stretching yourself in areas that are new for you.

We have great pride in the gifts and abilities GOD has given you, but most importantly, we are blessed you use them for HIS glory.

Thanks for making this journey of Motherhood a wonderful trip.

And remember, just because you are 20, DOESN'T mean you don't need to call your mom anymore! After all, "I almost died giving birth to you!!!!"

I love you! And HAPPY 20th Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bubby!!! (HAHAHAHA)

Anonymous said...

Happy 20th Birthday! Seems like only yesterday that you and Amanda hung out together on school "snow days" and your dad would take you sledding at the country club.
God bless you, Weston. You have many talents and continue to use them for the Lord's honor.
Darwin & Marg Hukill

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Weston.
This blog made me happy, made me proud and made me cry. So many memories.

Now that you are 20... just the beginning for you, there are many years ahead for making more great memories.

We love you and miss seeing you on your birthday.

Grandma and grandpa

Dad said...

Happy Birthday. I'm a little jealous that you got the long birthday blog.

Anonymous said...

Great!! Now you've got me crying thinking of little Weston as well as Michael and Nick who will be 20 before I care to admit it.

My time with them is precious and short so I'll take this as a reminder to take advantage of it while I can. Tell Weston we said Happy Birthday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a BLOG!!! I so enjoyed reading this, and getting to know a little bit more about you. Happy Birthday Weston!!!!! Come and visit us, we would love to see you again!

Uncle David, Veronica, Jeremy, Seth, Jonathan and Tiffany :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it’s so hard to believe that Weston is 20 years old. Where is time going? This makes me feel old.

Weston was always a great kid! Please tell him we said “Happy Birthday!”

I have three fond memories of him you can share.

1. Being at your house for dinner and watching Steve as he asked Weston exactly where on his plate his food was to go and how much food. Also none of the food could touch each other or he wouldn’t eat it.

2. Weston getting so upset and screaming if his shoes weren’t tied exactly the way he wanted them.

3. Weston copying his dad speaking in tongues by saying, “Scooby dooby do!” In fact I still tell that story at kids’ camps when we teach on the Holy Spirit!

I don’t know if Weston has changed his ways with his food or shoes or if he is still picky!!

Mary Boyd

Mary Beth said...

Mary...I can't believe I neglected to blog about when his shoes weren't tied right.

That will have to be a blog all its' own!

Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Mary Beth, get out the tissues! Don't know if I'm happy for you or depressed after reading all that. It gets a little hard doesn't it? Can't believe the boys are this old. Don't feel bad, I use the "you almost killed me" line all the time. It trumps everything. Wait till our girls are out of the house. I will seriously need therapy!!!!

Rita E.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful kids you have...I can relate to so much of this...My kids are 6-8 years older than our baby...and the boyish antics that I so love!!!! and it's so fun to see the Mnpls connection :0)

Hubby played soccer at NCU for 3 years...HIs passion was learned in Kenya :) Now he coaches at the school where he teaches.

As far as who we know...several from Michigan such as Jennifer (Peppard) Anderson, Tony Garcia, Jen McCoy (I can't remember her maiden name), KaCee (also can't remember her maiden name...others were Amy Hayburn/Slater, Melissa Werner, Amy and Carlos, Brobergs, Mark Jones (Prof) was Hubby's brother, Eddie DeLaRosa, Dudleys, Galyens, Herkmans...Goetzes, I could go on :)
You should know too...that God supplied AMAZING grace to hubby and I during that time as we weren't walking in HIS footsteps...I had to sign a HUGE contract to stay...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, all of hubby's family attended there...Krans family...and mine...Ringness family