Sunday, February 17, 2008

Brianna's Reward!

Before Brianna's night of shoveling snow, we had planned a trip to Minneapolis. Steve had a Missional Church conference at North Central University so Brianna and I had planned to tag a long, visit Weston and, of course, hang out at the Mall of America.

Steve had checked on hotels and found the Radisson Hotel...

...which also housed the "Water Park of America" was offering a GREAT RATE...less expensive than the other regular hotels around. SO we surprised our blossoming entrepreneur with a day at the indoor water park.
We had a great time. A great room. And Brianna was thrilled with her 'compensation".

It was a little strange, though, swimming, going down water slides, and floating in the lazy river while looking outside and seeing snow.

AND knowing that day was one of the coldest of the year...20 degrees below zero! YIKES! Why didn't they have this FEBRUARY conference in FLORIDA?????

I think they need to put me on the planning committee for the next one!

Thank the Lord the hotel had heated parking!

AND best of all, we got to see Weston...and hear him play at his church in Minneapolis, Emmanuel Christian Center. We are SO PROUD! God has truly given him a gift.

....and we were able to take 5 of his friends out for dinner.
(of course I forgot my camera so I had to copy these from facebook!)

Weston & Jonathan Palmer featuring Jonathan as the human snow plow!!!! (during and after!)

(great friends, suitemates, USTT wannabes,
Rook Champs, and
"Old Fashioned Worship" planners!)

Zach Brose, (great friend and feels like a part of our family after visiting over Christmas!)
Dave Krist (Great friend at NCU from Day 1, suitemate, Michigan PK, and fellow guitar crazed guy)
& Weston

Weston and NCU roomie, Ben Cline at Ben's house over Labor Day...

(BTW, Ben was at the sub-zero temp Green Bay playoff game! I am
SURE that is why they didn't win, was too cold....)

Weston & Pete Obermesik
(Weston's first friend at the church we pastored in Mt. Pleasant....) Pete and some guys he met at North Central have a band, Nihlio. They are winning band competetions all over the Twin Cities.

Thanks Guys, for letting us feed you!

You all are very dear to our hearts and we are thankful to have you in our lives.

AND...for BRIANNA'S SNOW 1.800.snowbegone!


Anonymous said...

Weston and Brianna, you have very cool parents!
Now that Weston and Peter have made it "BIG TIME" I can proudly say that both of them were in my original Garage Band.
Love you guys!

erika said...

i was thinking about my piano lessons the other day- i loved the piano lessons as well as playing while erin had her lesson! piano and the fair were lots of fun!

i'll for sure let you know when my parents come around. at the moment there in florida or alabama... not sure where they are this week! taking a break from the winter :)

love ya

Anne said...

What a fun family! That waterpark looks fantastic! I enjoyed your post about Brianna's snow shoveling too. What great lessons we can learn from children... :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow the time that has passed, the
lessons learned and how young we look for having older children."


Anonymous said...

this blog was awesome.

Thanks for giving Nihilio advertising. I love you.


Jonathan Palmer said...

that is a sweet blog. love the pics ha. thanks again for taking us out to eat. we had a blast.

Vanessa said...

What a great reward! It was great seeing you last night!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you guys again. It reminded me of home and getting decent food was fantastic. Thanks for all your support for the band/life ect. I love all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!!!!! This brought back memories!!! Hubby's parents are Missionaries from MN/WI where many churches support them :0)...We met at NCU in 1995!!!! I had NO idea there was an indoor water park there!!! We will have to visit next time we are out that way (hopefully this summer to see hubby's family!!) It is so fun to see your blog!!!!