Friday, May 16, 2008

Frustration at the Pump! Feel my Pain... and be Thankful!?!

Why am I frustrated, you ask?

I was filling up with gas on Wednesday. As I put my debit /credit card in the slot and started pumping gas, the lady at the pump beside me started using some 'colorful language'. In other words... she was cussin' up a storm!

I looked over and she said, "Did you see what happened to the price when you slid your card?"

Me: "No. I wasn't paying attention."

Cussin' Lady: "The price went up 10 cents / gallon as soon as you swiped your card."

I looked at the pump and SHE WAS RIGHT! From $3.89 to $3.99.


Cussin' Lady: "@*!*^&@#$!:<>?!!!!!%^*#$!!!!"

We both stopped pumping our gas immediately!

At this point... some uncomely thoughts started filling my head... to which I had to "capture my thoughts" and put them under submission to the LORD!

I now understood her 'way with words."

I left the gas station and went to my planned destination... the Christian Book Store. As I walked in, I was greeted by 3 employees all working on a display... all smiley, in a good, Jesus loving way... "How are you?"

Feeling it was my CITIZENLY DUTY to WARN EVERYONE of this money-hungry, greed filled, aren't gas prices high enough already SCAM... I told them what had transpired.

One of the employees said he was at a CITGO earlier in the week and the same thing happened. Citgo had a itty bitty sign declaring their intentions.

The BP station where I stopped ... NO SIGN!

So... now when it is raining, snowing, you are in a hurry... be prepared to have to ENTER the gas station BEFORE you pump and take a WILD, CALCULATED Guess as to HOW MUCH GAS will indeed be effused into your tank at $4.18.9 / gallon.... pay the attendant... THEN make sure you DO NOT GO OVER said amount. If your tank cannot hold pre-determined gallons you must THEN make your way through the rain, snow, stand in line with all the other irate customers and get MONEY BACK.

I just wanted to enlighten you and warn you to BE AWARE. I had heard on the news this might happen... and they were right.

l am now simmered down. Thanks for letting me rant and rave.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast of my friend, NETTA CHILTON from 11/18/07 on the "THANKFUL HEART." It convicted my heart.

I need to be thankful that we do have a vehicle in which to drive to the gas station... and maybe this price surge will cause us to stay home a little more and enjoy our family...

And maybe we will go for more bike rides!

Tell me how you are feeling about this... and how you are striving to be thankful and positive through this tough economy...

...and ANY frugal tips you can offer for us to make our dollar stretch.


Tami said...

OH how we feel your pain. I just posted on my blog this morning that with Marty driving to Ann Arbor to work every day, us driving to Oregon for church - in the past 5 - FIVE - days - we spent 200.00 on gas. OUCH!
I think I should take up your suggestion and make Marty bike the 45 miles to work....
Ha. Just kidding. Of course, I am not even considering biking the 8 miles to my place of employment...
No tips. Just THANKFUL that I don't live in some countries where this is nothing new to them. Also thankful I don't live in the countries which gas is over 10.00 a gallon.
Looking at it in that light - 4.00 a gallon doesn't seem like so much now does it??
Good post. You made me laugh as always :-)

Kathy said...

Wow...that's rotten! It really is ridiculous what we are paying for gas. I can't wait to see what it mysteriously goes up to over Memorial Day weekend! Better gas up early!...Kathy

redheadrev said...

Ok, I need clarification. Are you saying that now they are charging extra for paying at the pump? That's insane if that's what you are saying. I guess they think you will buy something extra if you go inside. I say let's NOT. Boycott the overpriced and greedy gas station "convenience" store even if you do have to walk inside. Why give them more of your money!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Mary Beth,

So far this has not happened here in Adrian. Thanks for the warning we will be on the lookout.


Roxie said...

WOW! that'll make you pay more attention at the pump. Thanks for the warning. Roxie

Anonymous said...

Do you know if obtaining that gas station's credit card will make a difference in the gas price? You'll be essentially committing yourself to their product, and they may even offer a kick-back. Just deduct the purchases from your checking account so you know you'll have enough to cover the bill at the end of the month.

Tammy A

Anonymous said...

Oh, also, while this isn't an option for a lot of people, since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I have almost stopped going anywhere. I'm a home-body anyway, but for the first time since we've been in the wilderness of northwest Michigan have my car's # of miles passed the oil change date. This method uses less gas and requires fewer oil changes! Yippee!!

I've also been re-visiting my monthly expenses and structuring them differently (eliminating services like long distance on my home phone and going to a free internet service, since I only get dial-up anyway). The only thing Hubby won't let me touch is the Dish Network!! I've decided all my problems would be solved if I could get hi-speed internet and eliminate my Dish Network bill. Oh well, an argument for another day.

Tammy A

Grace said...

We just stay home. We don't go anywhere. No trips to the beach, days at the zoo, we've even stopped buying groceries. Forget the movies, we can't afford the popcorn and we're not sure about running the washer and dryer much either - thinking of a few 'no clothes' days...

"Ouch!" We just scream "ouch" a lot. That helps.

p.s. I don't think I knew your brother in college.

Anonymous said...

I'm prepared to ride my horse everywhere... the only fuel they need is hay and water...and wouldn't that just be so fun!!!! It would be like the good ol days when whe had horses and carriages and my beloved potlucks... I think I would like that :o)

In real world time: Our prices go up 10cents a gallon if we use a debit or credit card. In Oregon there is some kind of law where we don't pump our own gas... there are gas station attendants who's only job is to pump gas... WHICH I ABSOLUTELY love in the rain!!!!

I just had another thought... IN Kenya the people walk everywhere... it's often said that they will walk for hours just to get to church... When I was at NCBC I WALKED EVERYWHERE and guess what?!!!! I never had to worry about my weight :o) LOL I think I need to start walking again...

OK... this was just a bunch of ramblings but I have an imagination that never ends when prompted... I think in pictures and cartoons...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but reply to your "rant" Marybeth.......

I'll admit to using that same colorful language the last time I was at the pump and I didn't notice the price jump for using my gas card!! I'm even more angry now.

This is not a matter of being thankful, I thank God daily that I have the things I need to provide for my family, I am angry at the fact that we are being FLEECED daily and there isn't a thing we can do about it! The feeling of being powerless is what aggravates me to no end! After all how do I get to work without gas in my tank??

I don't believe its helpful to be negative and self-pitying but we have every right to be angry at this sick display of unbridled greed!!! The oil companies have the capability to produce more fuel, they are choosing not to in order to keep the demand high. When is it enough?? I believe in giving Caesar what is Caesar's, but this is ridiculous!

We can all do small things to limit our mileage but the fact is that we live in America not Europe. In Europe you can walk just about anywhere, here in the states the average drive to work is over 20 miles! And I don't know about you but I don't intensionally make extra trips anywhere. When I run errands, I get it all done in one trip.

I don't believe God sees your frustration as being ungrateful at all!! We are called to be good stewards over the things God gives us.....It is wrong to demand an explanation from the powers-that-be for the unfair gouging that is rampant?? We'd be wrong to just roll over and take it!!

I'm told that buying and boarding a horse is cheaper per week then what we currently pay for gas! Anybody out there know where I can get a good horse????

Sorry, just had to vent!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. I copied it for my hubby. I know a friend of mine told me she does not like to go in to pay when she has her kids in the car. Wow! 10 cents.


elizabeth embracing life said...

This is just awful and will certainly make me more aware. I am always amused in a not so amuwsing way when people use such colorful language. I remember when I was in 7th grade my best friend and I decided we were going to be smokers and cuss. So we went in the girls bathroom and somehow got a hold of two cigerettes and lit them. We smoked and cussed and decided together that we did not want to be those kind of people. How silly.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

I'd have probably been thinking of some colorful words myself. Just being honest. We've been saving on gas this year by using a certain grocery store that gives your so many cents off for dollars spent at the grocery store. You can only use one gas station but it's close by my home so I use it. You have to go in and can't pay at pump but for 40 cents off a gallon I will do that! I also cut coupons, don't send the kids to pre-school, no cell phone (gasp), grow a veggie garden and take hand me downs for kids clothes whenever I can. We do have high speed and cable together but have to for hubby's work-before they required it we had no cable. I am also a garage saler and thrift store shopper.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog on Google (not sure how, totally unrelated to my search). But this is crazy! An extra 10 cents per gallon for using credit/debit?! I haven't seen this yet in my parts (Chicago), probably because {I think} Illinois has laws against doing that. But, we've already hit $4.299 in some areas. Whee! Time to get that bike trailer and peddle around the kids!

Anonymous said...

Michelle told me that gas in Australia is $7 a gallon!!!!! Japan I think is higher than that or the same.
We can be thankful it is only $4 here.
Love ya,

shari said...

Check out this website. I get a newsletter from it almost weekly.
There are plenty of good suggestions for making money stretch at the grocery store, etc.. Hope this helps!

shari said...

Hey Mary,
Try this website. You can subscribe for free and it has all sorts of frugle tips.
Hope this helps! Thanks for sharing about the gas station.