Friday, May 4, 2007


I was in Minneapolis this weekend picking up Weston from college. On my way to breakfast at the hotel, I passed a meeting room readying for a conference entitled, "Dealing with Difficult People." That reminded me of this email I received a few week ago from a friend of mine who is in ministry.

"...I dread Sundays. I know that sounds awful. I’ve had a list of non pleasant conversations lately too. [People] going off on me. Saying hurtful things. Others who just want to complain about is really getting me down...Any words of wisdom?"

My divinely inspired reply: "...As far as the people who run their mouths....they do not understand the ins and outs of ministry and how things you just have to smile, say, "Thanks, I will consider what you have said..." then say to yourself, "What an IDIOT!"

HOW FREEING to think that!... however...Even though we feel they fall into that category, my wise husband has always said, "No matter how things are said to you, it is always important to really sift through the words and find if there is any TRUTH in it."

HARD. NECESSARY. OUCH!!!!! After all that, you can then say, "IDIOT!"

Maybe I should have responded to my friend as suggested in THIS POST by Perry Noble. I did email it to her in retrospect. She said it was great...and would file it right after the MBM (mary beth method).

NOW...If you are reading this and you have ever been as described as in the afore mentioned paragraphs...(guilty!)... "be careful of your words!" If you have a valid concern about someone or something you need to address with a fellow coworker, person in ministry, family member, etc. there are OTHER WAYS to broach the subject. HOW ABOUT with LOVE...and...KINDNESS...It is BIBLICAL, don't ya know!

Try this...."Hey, could I talk to you sometime about [this area]? I am SURE I don't know everything about the situation so I was hoping you could help me understand."

Doesn't that sound EASY...and NICE...and CHRIST-LIKE?
Besides, who wants to be labeled an idiot in the minds of others?

Have a great day. I hope you don't have any IE's (idiot encounters) today. case of idiot metro-Detroit DRIVERS who just CUT YOU OFF and almost made you CRASH into the person in front of you and you REALLY want to become a REACTIONARY road rage, sinful actions, yelling, etc...DON'T GIVE INTO TEMPTATION. Don't stoop to their level.

REMEMBER...just smile, consider what they did, wave at them, and while smiling & waving, say out loud in an ever so sweet and pleasant voice..."Jesus, take the Wheel of that Idiot!" (a becky kennedy method)


Marg said...

Good advice, Mary!
I'm learning to handle the IE's (idiot encounters)of my life with the Lord's help and direction. But that's not to say, we still need to be reminded to "zip our lip".
(But I do understand Becky Kennedy's method also.)
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that I have been reading your blogs and love them! I look forward to new ones every day! I forwarded your new oneabout idiots to my hubby today, because he is really suffering from IAWTDKJ
(Idiots at work that don't know Jesus). Keep them coming!

Love ya!

AnneMarie said...

MB-Your post made me laugh. I have IE's everyday at my work especially with the community that I am serving. I beleive I was cussed at 3 times on Monday with our T-ball Registration. I just smiled at them and said that I was sorry they felt that way. Fun, fun! :)

Hundreds of parents, hundreds of kids, 80 volunteers, and 30 staff. Gotta love it!