Thursday, July 2, 2009


Today my dad, KEN MARTIN turns 75.

He is NOT your typical 'old man'. FAR from it.

  • He is the life of the party.

Really he is!

  • Mr. Fix it for Mr. Broke it.

  • Mr. RIGHT for his wifey. (52 of being Mr. Right!)

The best Grandpa around.

  • came to my rescue and drove me 18 hours home when I wouldn't fly back to Arkansas after a major airplane crash in Detroit
  • The best Son-in-law (in his eyes :) to my Gram.
  • Who can forget when he caught the bear in his garage... and was on the news... and in the paper!

And the BEST dad anyone could ever have!

I can't tell you how many times in my life he has bailed me out
  • been patient with me when I wrecked his cars
  • fixed things at my house ( I especially appreciate his sweet skills for blocking all entryways for little critters to get inside)
  • as a kid would turn on the stereo, grab my hand, and dance with me
  • worked so hard every single day to provide for his family
  • never blinks and eye to drive hours and hours to see his kids... or mostly his GRANDKIDS!

  • can call my 'BRAT' and get away with it!
  • is a great dog sitter
  • can talk to anyone... for a long time... (ha! I love you daddy! Guess who gets that from you? your GRANDDAUGHTER!)
  • took care of his mother after his dad died
  • faithful to the LORD and to his church
  • stood by me throughout my life (I wish I had a wedding picture scanned of him walking me down aisle on my wedding day

  • always blesses his kids..."hey dad... I need a scanner... :-)

  • has the BEST Life Group at his church
  • GIVES and GIVES and GIVES... many times anonymously
  • LOVES and LOVES and LOVES!

I love you dad. There are not enough words to say how BLESSED I a
m that the LORD choose me to be your daughter.

Have a wonderful day. You SO deserve it.
Enjoy your meatloaf and scalloped potatoes....


Julie C said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny,

Thank you for being such a wonderful Uncle. For all the memories that you have given us "Newell" girls when we were kids, for always being "Uncle Kenny", one of the best uncles a child (and woman) can have, but especially for being there when Daddy passed away in May, your very presence made things easier on mom and us girls. You lifted not only Dad's spirits in his final days, but ours also, just by being you.

Love you much!!!!!!

Ken said...

Happy Birthday Dad. Love YOu!


Sis, I owe you one for the pic!

Anonymous said...

Happy 75th Birthday! Enjoy today and your weekend with your family. We love you and Fayrene and appreciate your love and support through the years.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

What would we do with out you, Grandpa!!!!!!!

Your Awesome, Wonderful, Favorite granddaughter(under the age of 20),

Faith said...

Hope your day was great, Ken! Wish for you many, many more --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Fay (and family)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Mr. Martin.
Wish we could go to Farrell's and celebrate like we did long ago.

May this be your best year yet!

Cheryl Gibson - Oliveira

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a special fun filled day!!You are a blessing to every life you touch!You are a blessing to us and we will never forget you kindness to us.
Larry and Linda

Marg said...

Happy 75th Ken! You are a great blessing to your family! We loved having them here over the weekend. Hope your time with them was special. Meatloaf and scalloped potatoes...two of my favorites also!
Love you,
Marg Hukill

elizabeth embracing life said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful tribute to this amazing man. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anne said...

This is such a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Mary Beth. It's been a while since I've blogged, so I hadn't seen this one. What a great post!

Oldqueen44 said...

Isn't it an amazing thing that how another human can impact our life in such important ways.I always wonder... Am I leaving a legacy for my children that will please God? Will I have an impact on anyone the way your dad has impacted you? It is a tall challenge. I loved the post.

Sit A Spell said...

What an amazing post in tribute to your Daddy! I would ask if I could be a little sister, but I think he has his hands full with you. ; )

My thoughts are similar to Old Queen's...what legacy am I leaving behind for my children??? What things will they remember about me and their growing up yrs? I pray it is all soaked in love and covered by God and His grace...for I am a "mess up"...however, I am the best me I can be and it is my prayer to leave a legacy of love, belonging, comfort and FUN.