Monday, January 5, 2009

WHAT!!!!...You did NOT?...oh YES I did!

After 44 years of virgin ears...

... I am now pierced! A gift from my son... who thought his MOM should get over her legalistic self... and join the ranks of FREEDOM.

After years of hearing me complain about clip on earrings... hurting... can't ever find any that I like... yada yada... he "encouraged" me to take the plunge.

you ask did it take me so stinkin' long?

WELL... I grew up in an era of ... "If GOD would have wanted you to have holes in your ears... they would have been there when you were born."

"If you are in that movie theater when Jesus comes back, you will be LEFT BEHIND!"

I thank the LORD that I was usually a good girl... following the rules... never gave my parents reason to worry.

However when I went to BIBLE COLLEGE I went to my first movie theater... to see the movie Rocky 3... at the $ theater... with all the Baptist Bible College students who weren't supposed to be there either. We all had an understanding, you see....

Then when we pastored our church in Mt. Pleasant, I did the evil of all evils... wore PANTS to church... not just to church but on the PLATFORM to play the PIANO!

I was getting WORLDLY... oh yes I was.

I did always wear make-up though. Not alot... but if a barn needs to be painted... you need to PAINT IT, girls!
Surely I jest... kindof... but I WOULD like to thank my parents... who raised me to love Jesus... be faithful to church... and to progress with the times... and to search within myself... sin or legalism... grace or condemnation...

Just so you know... my mom got her ears pierced at age 65... a gift from my nieces... she LOVED it... that was 4 years ago. She has been telling me to get with it all this time. She followed in the footsteps of our friend Audrey... who was one of the biggest 'opponents' of ear piercing way back in the day... who decided at age 68... clip ons were for the birds... and joined the ranks of the pierced.

I just saw my Gram tonight and she said jokingly in her Alabama lilt... "You done went out and sinned!"

MY 13 girl responded..." I am never gonna sin like that. I don't wanna go to Hell!"
(really she just thinks it will be a pain to have one more thing to worry about every day.)

We laughed.

I posted on my facebook status that "Mary Beth just got her ears pierced for the first time in 44 years."

You should have seen all the comments that generated. HILARIOUS!

AND the questions...Why DIDN'T you ever get them pierced??

Well... read the following verse...

1 Peter 2:13
Respect the authorities, whatever their level; they are God's emissaries for keeping order... Exercise your freedom by serving God, not by breaking the rules. Treat everyone you meet with dignity. Love your spiritual family. Revere God. Respect the government.

I loved ( still love) my family... my pastors... my church. Way back when... in the mid 20th century... these were standards of the church. I respected my authorities. As those over me prayed and moved beyond these things... I, eventually, was set free as well. HA!

As I was thinking about "Freedom in Christ" I came across some great verses. Too long for this post. BUT so many times we use "FREEDOM" as an excuse to sin... compromise our values... our standards.

We need to hear from the Holy Spirit... HE needs to be our voice of direction for TRUE Freedom.

ANYHOO... all my friends and family now have it easier when buying me gifts... and hereafter, when people give me pierced earrings for my birthday or Christmas... I don't have to say, "Thanks... but I don't have pierced ears... " and then commence to see the shock and awe they exude.

One thing... I did kindof like being the 'unusual one'. Now I am a conformity (is that even a word???) ... well... those closest to me would probably beg to differ on that one.

So tell me...Am I going to hell in a handbasket for my actions?
If I am... I know alot of dangling, sparlky, hoopy, ear ring wearers who'll be right beside me.

Right Mom?


Tami said...

Congrats !!!
Next step - nose piercing at the age of 80 :-)
Just kidding!
Looks great!

Gwen said...

You look really young in these pictures! I don't think it's the earrings either.

Jesscia said...

Good for you!!!! Can't wait to see your new duds...I mean studs. :)

Tugs said...

Shopping trips as you have known them are a thing of the past.....this opens up an entire new element to accessory shopping!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Congradulations sweet girl.....enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 18- and then I went and pierced them 4 times on one side ;O)

Kara Lyn said...

I love the picture of you and Weston! Congrats! Looks like you had a lot of fun after all these the way, does that make me a terrible mom that I let Autumn get her ears pierced at 3 years old? lol!

Netta said...

AWESOME! Good for you!
I grew up the same way, but waited until I was the ripe ol age of 16, on a schooltrip to another state where the "Piercing Age" was only 16 and got them done there.(Such a rebel) My parents freaked out for a day or so, but decided to let me keep'um pierced. That was quite a miracle.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the fun of earrings!

Kelly said...

You rebel you! LOL I have gotten more bold in my middle age - my earrings are defintely more of a fashion statement now (more bling!) and an accessory I cannot do without! ENJOY! I'm sure we'll still see you in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Enjoy dangleeees!


Traci said...

Feeding off what kara said. I suppose I am a really bad mom cause I let Garrett get hers done before six weeks. Anyhow I think you make a good choice.

Anonymous said...

that's great. Funny, I completely understand as I was raised the same way and told the VERY same things. I "sinned" the first time at age 30 and then the 2nd time at age 35 with Melissa S. as we both got our 2nd piercings. My how times change. Enjoy!!!"


April said...

i'm high fiving you from oregon!!!

Monica said...

MaryBeth, Good job. You look radiant. Tried to post a remark, but can't figure out the darn thing. I can do hair but am not techno-savie Monie.

(posted for MONIE the hair artist. LOL. MBB)

Anonymous said...

"LOL....I'm still holding out at 35 ;)"


Vicki said...

"I fainted, came to and fainted again!!!"

Anonymous said...

That looks really good. I'm so proud of you. Can't wait to buy you a pair of ear rings. Only get the good ones though. You don't want an infection. They need to be gold or silver coated. I have my little diamonds in today in honor of you taking the plunge:) Love you.

Your BFFE Peggy

Anonymous said...

Wow! very interesting!
welcome to the land of the pierced, Mary Beth!
Where I'm from in Tabasco Mexico, baby girls have their ears pierced at the same time boy babies are circumcised, 8 days!
Wo I do not remember any pain, always wore earrings, and did not grow up going to church for the first 9 years of my life! You have a great heritage!
love, Sarita

Patty said...

You look great MaryBeth! I was about 16 when a friends Mom pierced mine with a raw potato a sterilized needle and string. Glad times have changed. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

OOOHHH too funny!
We were raised by the same mama!
I did get my ears pierced while I was at CBC but had to wait til I was 18.

Went to the same theater too : )

Now I am really thinking about getting a second pierce
I have all these really pretty studs that come with necklace sets but are to small to wear on their own...
My boy is really pushing for the second hole... Let's hear it for our "heathen" sons!


Anonymous said...

Yea, Mary Beth!! I totally understand where you are coming from. I can remember those days. I however got the second holes a couple of years ago so I will be headed in the wrong direction twice as fast as you...BUT I thank God for a savior that looks at the inside not the outside.

Now can we talk tattoos? I really don't like them and I think they are not from GOD!!! LOL Ha,Ha! Well, that is another subject for another sermon, what do you think Bro. Bradshaw??!!!

Love Ya, Hugs, Cheryl D.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

My parents allowed me to get my ears pierced at age 12, then a 2nd time at age 15. But they said I had to be 18 if I wanted any more. So for my 18th birthday, I got my ears pierced a 3rd time (and my belly button at age 30, but that's another story!). When my dad saw my 3rd piercing (4 months later - way to be observant, Dad), he freaked. He was SURE I was not only going to hell, but that I was using drugs too.

Times change. Certain worldly things are no longer considered worldly. And what do we say of the baby girls whose mothers get their ears pierced before they can decide for themselves if that is something they want? These days, it's just jewelry. I hope that our inner character shines more brightly for Jesus than the sparkles on our ears.

Sit A Spell said...

Just rolled into town late last night from visiting family down south! Guess ears aren't pierced!

Laurie said...

LOL! I felt the same way when I had a second hole put next to my first one, would've backed out but my sister made me do it after I had casually mentioned that I liked the look of a small stud in the second hole!

Steve said...

So---what do I think?????? I don't think it matters. Not what I think about ear piercings, tattoos, etc. I don't think anybody cares what I think about it.

And now my dear precious wife has proven the point. LOL!!!!!

The truth of the matter is that I don't really care anyway. There's way to much to care about than ear piercings and tattoos.

Hey. Maybe I should get a tattoo?

And Mary Beth, you're beautiful with or without holes in your ears.


LAURIE said...

I can soooo relate. I did not get my ears pierced until I was in my 30's. I was never allowed either growing up because "If GOD intended you to have holes in your ears HE would have put them there!!" Yeah ... I heard that too all of my life. Until one year for Christmas my husband thought it would be cool for me and my little daughter to go and get pierced ears. We both went. I still have my ears pierced. My daughter does not. She let her ears close up and NEVER wants to go thru that again. (She is 13 now). So far, I have not been struck down for marring Gods fine creation and personally I think you look absolutely beautiful in your pictures you posted and may your shopping never be the same again! -Blessings, Laurie

Julie C said...

Way to go Mary Beth! I, however, if you remember, got my first holes by Naomi and mom at the age of 8, second holes by 21 and 3rd by 34, and yes, I also have a tatoo (1st one at 40, talk about rebel) All the talk of removing Christian symbols from front lawns, etc. in the south, I put a cross on my ankle (let them tell me that has to go, right?)Congrats again, let me know when you really want to rebel and get a second hole; however, don't do the tongue or nose, I'm sure it really hurts.

Anonymous said...


-Ed Stetzer

Anonymous said...

My sister and I went together to get our 2nd holes, as married adult women, and when we told our Mom she made it clear she didn't approve. I was very close to 30 at the time. We had to chuckle.

By the way, I waved at Camden for you as we passed.

Tammy Arnouts

Anonymous said...

And mom said, if the piercings keep us out out of the pearly gates, dad will be standing up there by St. Peter saying, "I told you so. If it was a sin 30 years ago it is still a sin."

Kay said...

You look just beautiful. I am sure there will be a pair of diamond earrings from your man on valentine's day?!

Anonymous said...

Dear old dad says: Your are now a real "Bezejel", but I love you anyway!!!

Deb Seenarine Wilson said...

Welcome to the ranks of the sinful AG 40something crowd!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog this morning and had a good laugh. Oh, how I remember those days! My Mom cried the first time I wore shorts! Anyway, I am here at work and was reading my Bible and came across a scripture for you….

“Watch out for those dogs, those men who do evil, those mutilators of the flesh.” Philippians 3:2

I couldn’t help but think of you and smile!

Have a great day!

Elaine E.

Heart of a Ready Writer said...

I remember the little blue-haired ladies who used to blast us for wearing jeans to church.

God bless 'em . . . . but thank God we came back anyway.


HEART OF A READY WRITER – Reading Through the Bible in 2009

Beth in NC said...

You are so beautiful! You are absolutely shining in those photos. :o) I'm glad you got those ears pierced! What denomination were you under (I can't remember if you mentioned it)? I tell you the truth -- I broke the "Baptist" tradition of dresses back in the day. I was so glad when I didn't have to wear a dress or a suit to church every Sunday. lol I never thought about the earrings! Ha. Now I'm in a non-denominational church ... wearing my jeans or dress pants. Woo hoo! No worries.

Enjoy those beautiful ears of yours girl. You look lovely!


Irritable Mother said...

I'll be right there with you, sister. With all five of my earrings.
I think you look lovely. *grin*

Kathy Butryn said...

I understand your story! Your earrings look very pretty! Enjoy! Love Grandma's comment!!!!